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Why the "War on Drugs" persists Essay Example for Free

 Why the War on Drugs persists EssayClearly the unstated aim of the federal government of the United States of America is the attainment of total control of the Earth, including all its material resources and peoples, by economic, political and military means. The achievement of this requires the expenditure of vast amounts of money over several decades. A major part of this money comes from covert U. S. government trafficking in illegal drugs, primarily the addictive drugs cocaine and heroin.U. S. -sponsored world-wide drug prohibition, a.     k. a.the War on Drugs, is primarily a tactic to keep street prices high and profits astronomical, regardless of the huge social and personal damage done. U. S. -sponsored drug prohibition will continue until either the U. S. attains its aim of complete military and political domination of the Earth (which is still some time away, if it ever happens) or the junta which rules the U. S. and which aims at total control is removed from power.

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